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Generation Gap Tournament

Feb 8th-10th

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10 & Under Tennis

Membership is not required for our tots and beginners group or private classes. The USTA's 10 & under format provides the tools to help foster the growth of those skills in players as young as 4 and 5 years old. We're excited to offer USTA's concept of smaller courts, lower nets, shorter racquets and slower balls, as the cornerstone of our junior program.

​​​​​​​​​Junior Leagues

Junior league play is offered for those junior members who wish to augment their group lessons with singles and doubles match play. Competitive play is the best way for players to improve their game. Leagues are available all year long. Winners and runner-ups of each league receive trophies.

Junior InterClubs

A great way to create more matches for our juniors, as well as to build camaraderie, is to play inter-club matches against clubs from around the state. We try to host or travel to another club on a monthly basis, and if we can't find an opponent, then we'll schedule an intra-club where we break our own kids into two groups and play against each other. Either way, it's always good competition and a fun time!​​


2018 USTA Sanctioned Tournament List

  •  Held at Cherokee for USTA members​​
Our objective is to help juniors develop their skills and begin competing as early as possible. Cherokee has earned a reputation for helping develop some of the best players in the state. We also put great effort into improving the play of our recreational juniors who get an early start in the game through the 10 and under program, junior lessons, and leagues.

Junior Group Lessons

Group lessons for junior members of all levels and ages are available after school and on weekends.  We maintain a student to instructor ratio of no more than 6:1, which allows our staff to give plenty of attention to each player on his or her court.​​

March 2018 Interclub with Paley Tennis Center

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